{Guest blog} How much is too much?

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas partners with New Directions to provide behavioral health screenings, resources and support to our members and employees.

Drinking alcohol can lessen tension, reduce inhibitions and ease social interactions. While you can drink safely, drinking too much can be harmful physically, emotionally and economically. During Alcohol Awareness Month, join us in raising awareness of the dangers of unhealthy alcohol consumption.

Signs there may be a problem may include:

  • Frequent or uncontrolled drinking episodes
  • Getting in trouble with the law or being injured due to drinking
  • Problems at school, on the job or with relationships because of drinking
  • Using alcohol to decrease anxiety or sadness
  • Needing more alcohol to feel its effects

The decision to seek alcohol treatment for yourself or a loved one can be a difficult, but important step. Simply identifying what type of treatment is needed and what is available can be tough.

Take this quiz to screen for unhealthy alcohol use. If you or someone you care about is struggling with alcohol addiction, talk to your doctor or call the behavioral health number on the back of your health insurance card to get connected to professionals who can help you in your journey. Don’t wait to get help.

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