What does my health insurance cover?
Understanding how medical policy and your benefits work.

It’s simple.
At its core, health insurance is really quite simple. It covers the cost of medical care and protects you from the high cost of illness or injury. Like auto or home insurance, it provides peace of mind.

It’s different.
Health insurance differs from other types of insurance in many important ways. For example, if you are involved in an accident, you expect your auto insurance to cover the cost of the repair. You don’t expect your auto insurance to cover everyday expenses like oil changes, gas or general repairs.

It’s complex.
Yet, Americans have come to expect health insurance to cover everything from major illnesses to everyday medical expenses. If this was the case, the cost of health insurance would be far greater than it already is.

It’s important.
That’s why medical policy is so important. Life-saving medicines and state-of-the-art technologies and procedures are constantly evolving. Some can dramatically improve health. Others are experimental. Some are proven to be more effective than others. All of them add to the cost of health care, and consequently, the cost of health insurance.

It’s our job.
At Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas, our role is to protect our members from the high cost of health care, while keeping the overall cost of our members’ health insurance in check. The more we pay out in health insurance claims, the higher costs are passed down to our members in the form of premiums.

Medical policy and how it impacts member benefits is perhaps the most important part of our job. Here, you can learn more about how we make medical policy decisions, the role of medical necessity, and your rights as a member.