How to pick and store your summer produce

The summer months are definitely one of the most fruitful times of the year when it comes to enjoying fresh produce. Is there anything more refreshing than a slice of juicy watermelon on a hot day or a bowl of perfectly ripe cherries by the pool? Enjoy seasonal produce all summer long by learning how to pick and store these common fruits and veggies. Scroll through the gallery to learn more.

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Cook up a sweet treat from the grill

Longer days, warmer weather and the savory smell of a grill wafting through the neighborhood can only mean one thing – summer is almost here! It’s the time of the year when many households are firing up the grill for a weeknight meal. A juicy burger and grilled veggies may be your ideal summer meal, but the grill can also add a new dimension to dessert! In this recipe for grilled pineapple and coconut sticky rice, caramelized pineapple becomes the perfect pair to creamy coconut rice. Try it for your next cookout!

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{Video} How to select and cut hard-to-eat fruit

The spiky shell of a pineapple or fuzzy skin of a kiwi may have you thinking twice before choosing them as a snack, but don’t let their complex exteriors stop you from enjoying a fresh piece of fruit! We asked BCBSKS corporate chef Steve Harvey to demonstrate how to cut a pineapple, avocado and kiwi. Follow this step-by-step guide and you’ll be a produce slicing pro in no time!

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Incorporate whole grains into your holiday baking

Incorporating whole grains into your diet is a step in the right direction for improving your heart health and increasing your daily fiber intake. Whole grains are a good source of dietary fiber, which, combined with other healthy diet choices, can help reduce cholesterol levels. It may also lower your risk of heart disease. Continue reading “Incorporate whole grains into your holiday baking”

Three savory appetizers to treat your Thanksgiving guests

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, preparation for the big feast is undoubtedly underway. Setting out a few appetizers is an easy way to keep your guests happy…and out of the kitchen as you’re putting the final touches on the turkey. Swap out the cheese and crackers for these flavorful bites instead. Continue reading “Three savory appetizers to treat your Thanksgiving guests”

{Video} BCBSKS employees compare veggie burgers to beef burgers

Plant-based burgers have risen in popularity for people looking to eliminate meat from their diet. They’re often advertised as a better-for-you burger due to their low cholesterol and high protein content, but can they really be compared to the taste of a beef burger? We asked employees to try both and let us know. Continue reading “{Video} BCBSKS employees compare veggie burgers to beef burgers”

Easy back-to-school-breakfasts

Three quick back-to-school breakfasts

The start of the school year means the whole family will be back to a tight schedule in the morning. Start the day off right with these quick recipes. They have five ingredients or less, which means you’ll spend less time preparing breakfast and will have more time to get everyone out the door! Continue reading “Three quick back-to-school breakfasts”