{Guest blog} Balancing work and life

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas partners with New Directions to make sure our members and employees have access to the behavioral health resources they need.

Despite the ongoing quest for work-life balance, many of us struggle to understand what this concept actually means. The truth is, we could all use a little help defining what balance looks and feels like in our lives.

Take this quiz to get started and help identify how well you are balancing work and life. Answer yes or no to each of the following questions. If you answered “No” to more than three of these questions, then this quiz has identified areas where you can improve.

Home life

  • Does your family feel that you spend enough time with them?
  • Are family meetings (to discuss errands, chores, problems, etc.) a routine in your household?
  • Do you connect with family members about household responsibilities in a constructive way?
  • Do you prepare for meals, trips and other family occasions ahead of time?
  • Do you take time off for you (for instance, taking a vacation within the past year)?

Work life

  • Have you considered long-term career goals or where you want your career to take you?
  • Can you adequately handle your assigned work duties?
  • Can you complete your job during the hours you spend at your job?
  • Are you and your family comfortably supported by the amount of money you make?

Achieving balance is an ongoing process that requires your regular attention. As you move forward, talk with others about how they have achieved balance in their lives and share your successes.

BCBSKS members with behavioral health benefits through New Directions can get support with finding in-network doctors, locating community resources, and defining and achieving goals when it comes to mental health.

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