Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas honors Black History Month with logo change

Everyone is a leader at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas – being seen, heard and valued.

As one of the largest employers in Kansas, we are committed to ensuring our company is a place of inclusion and diversity. At Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas, each of us contributes to inclusion; we can grow and progress better together with a diverse team of employees. Our culture is the result of our values and behaviors, and our personal commitment to put people first. As a company built on community, we do not tolerate any form of racism.

In honor of Black History Month, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas has changed it’s iconic blue logo to a special red, black and green logo created by our own diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) team.

These colors have significant meaning to the black or African American community:

Red signifies the blood that unites all people of Black African ancestry and shed for liberation.

Black represents the blackness of the skin.

Green denotes the rich resources and minerals that come out of Africa.

According to Lonnie Walker Jr., director, diversity, equity and inclusion, the Black History Month logo is much more than a logo. It is a testament to the black community, that BCBSKS sees and hears them and recognizes their contributions to America, past, present and future. Black history is American history, the logo is not just for the black community, but its advocates as well.

“As a native Topekan, I think of our state’s history of not only being a free state, but also Topeka’s history of being the home of the landmark Brown vs. Board of Education case that forever changed the landscape of education in this nation,” Lonnie told us.

BCBSKS is leading the way by being intentionally more inclusive – emphasizing our commitment to DEI in the workforce and with our fellow Kansans.

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