Managing the quarantine 15

During these months of changes in our daily routines, in work settings, and even in the people we are spending time with – many of us have found it challenging to avoid unhealthy changes in eating habits and weight gain. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas employer group wellness coordinator, Jane Shirley, shares some tips that might help you be more successful in avoiding weight gain and managing those extra pounds.

Don’t diet – change to eating healthier every single day. This means including a fruit or vegetable every time you eat, adding more high fiber sources, cutting back on sugar and watching the salt.

Set up your environment for success. Find healthy and lower calorie foods you like for snacks and put them front and center where they are easy to reach, ready to eat and first to grab. Make eating “junk” harder either by simply not buying it or by storing it in concealed packaging in the back of the refrigerator or cupboard.

Convince your brain and be mindful of what you eat. Avoid eating while you are working, watching TV or doing some other activity. Serve all your food for one meal on a smaller plate, sit down and take your time to enjoy the food. Put excess food away before you start eating, and never eat straight from the bag or package.

Plan. Make your food and meal plan for the week and post it where you can see it.  Spend at least one day each week preparing and freezing foods for one week of meals.

Be thoughtful about the frequency of your eating. To get your metabolism going, start your day with a protein source and a high fiber food like oatmeal. Try fruit when you feel hungry between meals. Plan to end your food day before 7 p.m., then “fast” until breakfast.

Drink water. When you feel hungry during the day, try to “postpone” eating by reaching for a glass of water, taking a walk or making that phone call you have been putting off. 

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