Make a plan for the unexpected with Term Life and Short Term Disability

Peace of mind is easier than you think.

As unpredictable as life can be, it’s easier than you think to plan for unexpected circumstances. Term Life insurance and Short Term Disability plans will help protect your spouse and children from potentially devastating financial losses. With Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas, you can find simple, smart and affordable protection.

  • Term Life insurance protects your loved ones now. You don’t want your family to be financially burdened, especially during a time of grief and loss. Term Life insurance financially protects your loved ones by paying off debts and living expenses, along with medical or funeral costs.
  • Short Term Disability Insurance covers a sudden loss in income due to an accident. Unexpected medical problems can leave you unable to work and earn an income. With Short Term Disability coverage, you can focus on recovering until you are healthy enough to return to work.

With AdvanceCare Simple plans, you’ll find peace of mind. Administered by Advance Insurance Company of Kansas, these plans are easy to understand, affordably priced, and dependable.

Get started here, with a financial safety net

Here is a breakdown of how Term Life and Short Term Disability works with AdvanceCare Simple:

Term Life. In the event of a tragedy, Term Life insurance proceeds  will help pay for:

  • Funeral costs (The average cost of a funeral is about $7,848.)
  • Bills and ongoing expenses
  • Outstanding debt
  • College tuition
  • A spouse’s retirement plan

Term Life premium rates are lower than other forms of life insurance, and with AdvanceCare Simple, your rate is guaranteed for 10 years for a $10,000 plan.(This amount is reduced for the first two policy years for non-accidental death.) There is no requirement to take a physical exam. You will simply answer a few yes/no questions.  

Learn more about our Term Life plans.

Short Term Disability. If you are unable to work because you are sick or injured, Short Term Disability will cover your loss of income. These plans pay weekly cash benefit until you’re healthy to return work:

  • A weekly cash benefit will help you maintain your income when you’re hurt or sick ($150 or $300 per week).
  • You choose the maximum length of time (up to 13 or 26 weeks of payment)
  • The benefit begins on the 15th day of the accident or sickness

Learn more about our Short Term Disability plans.

Let our experts help

At Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas, our experts can help you put together a plan. You do not have to be a current Blue Cross member—anyone can request a quote. We will consider your financial situation and the unique needs of your loved ones:

  • Get the amount of coverage you need for your circumstances
  • Feel confident you’ll gain access to the most competitive pricing
  • Choose from a variety of plan options for individuals and family

Get started today. Call us at 866-619-0323 to get started on the path to financial security and peace of mind. 

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