Change up your cardio for American Heart Month

Walking the same route around your neighborhood or spending countless hours on the treadmill can leave your workout feeling less than inspiring. Take this month to introduce new ways to get your weekly cardio in.

Grab a jump rope

This activity can be fun when paired with your favorite music. Grab a jump rope, turn up the volume and jump to the beat of the songs. It’s also an easy piece of equipment to travel with. Toss it in your bag to squeeze in a workout anywhere.

Bounce on a trampoline

Whether you have a large trampoline in your backyard or a small one in your basement, bouncing around may have you burning more calories than you think. For more serious trampolining, try cycling through jumping jacks, 180-degree jumps and high knees. You can also see if your local gym offers a trampoline exercise class.

Boogie down to get your heart health up

You don’t have to be on a dance floor or in a Zumba class to reap the aerobic benefits of dancing. Push aside some furniture, turn up your favorite playlist and dance around your house. It’s a great form of low-impact cardio that you can do with anyone!


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