A quick start guide to understanding your insurance

The beginning of the year signals the start of a new year of health insurance benefits for many people. If it’s your first time purchasing a health insurance plan, learning the ins and outs of your coverage can be tricky! We’ve put together this quick guide to get you started with your health insurance.

Your ID card

After signing up for your health insurance coverage, you’ll be sent your member ID card in the mail. This card has the name of your benefit plan and other important information, like your member identification number and office visit and emergency copay amounts. Be sure to keep this card handy. You’ll need it when you visit the doctor or get a prescription filled.

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Choose a provider

Providers are the doctors, nurses, hospitals and other health care professionals that provide you with professional care. They’re an important part of your health so be sure to find one that’s right for you. Consider the following:

  • Are they in your insurance network? If they aren’t, you’re likely to pay more to see one out of your network. (Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas members can check to see if their doctor is in-network by using our website.)
  • What types of reviews does this provider have?
  • Is their office close to your home or work?
  • Is the office staff friendly and helpful?

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Make an appointment

Once you’ve selected your provider and it’s time to make an appointment, you’ll need to be prepared for a few things:

  • When you call, tell the office which provider you’d like to see and the reason for your appointment.
  • If you’re a new patient, you may have to wait a few weeks to get in.
  • Ask if you need to bring anything to the appointment, such as a list of your current medications.

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Set up a BlueAccess® account

BlueAccess is the online member portal BCBSKS members can use to view their information quickly and securely. After logging in, members can:

  • Verify benefits, including eligibility and deductible and coinsurance information
  • Check medical, behavioral health, dental and prescription drug claims
  • Update their mailing address
  • And much more!

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