When should I go to the emergency room?

Emergency care can save your life if you’re seriously sick or injured. But for less severe complaints, you may get faster and less expensive treatment elsewhere. Instead, call your primary care doctor or head to an urgent care center. Use the chart below as a guide for when you’re not sure where to go.


15 thoughts on “When should I go to the emergency room?

  1. Since you know my plan & info enough to send updates such add these, ppo provider listing r/t the subject-ie: local ER’s & Immediate Cares, would be beneficial in your communications.

  2. Great advice, but not very helpful if you live in the middle of nowhere and well over an hour drive from the nearest Urgent Care and Minor Emergency facilities.

  3. I went to Urgent Care. They sent me to ER. Once I got into a room I sit there for an hour before i was seen by the ER Dr. This was at about 9 am. 8mm Kidney Stone. Didntget to a room till 6:00pm. Do they charge ER rates while waiting on a room on the floor

  4. Yes would like to hear more on saving expenses to the ER for emergency after hours.Tues am before noon. 02-28-17 Thanks

  5. I was told to go to ER by my Dr office. So I did as instructed to. To see if they could help r get me an ultrasound

  6. I think we were over charged for my last test. Even my doctor thought it was too high. Almost $3,000 for a heart eco! Should be checked out.

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