Stick to your healthy eating resolution with these tips

It’s no surprise that you may be considering a change to your diet as part of your New Year’s resolution. In fact, 45 percent of Americans stated that “losing weight or getting in shape” was a resolution for 2018. To give yourself the best chance of keeping your goal, remember to start small and consider following these tips:

Don’t skip meals

It might seem tempting to consume less food, but skipping meals can actually have an adverse effect on the rest of your day’s intake, especially if it is breakfast you miss. When you don’t start your day with a satisfying breakfast, you’re likely to have less energy, misinterpret your hunger cues and could end up overeating the rest of the day. Start out with a breakfast that’s got some protein, like yogurt or an egg and a whole-grain cereal.

Slice up your produce

Incorporate more fruit and vegetables into your diet by making them easier to grab. Buy pre-cut fruit, or wash and cut up some fruit, melons or vegetables at the beginning of the week, so that it’s easy to grab when you’re hungry. Store that produce right at hand where you see it first when you open the refrigerator.

Concerned about costs?

Buy the fruits or vegetables that are on sale and cut up and freeze some for that smoothie or stew later. Plan ahead and when you’re making that healthy soup, that stew or roasting some vegetables, make a double batch and freeze the extra in single servings for easy, healthy meals later.

Bring your healthy snacks to work

Having snacks easily accessible at your desk means you’ll be less likely to wander to the vending machine when hunger strikes. Easy to eat, healthy snacks might include nuts, trail mix, fresh fruit or vegetables, cheese sticks, yogurt drinks or granola bars.

Stock up on frozen veggies

It doesn’t all have to be fresh to be healthy! Frozen vegetables are a great way to get your daily nutrients, without having to spend a lot of time preparing them. Plus, they’re convenient to bring to work for a quick lunch.

Less soda, more flavored water

When you want to cut down on your soda intake, gradually reduce the amount you consume each week. Replace it with a drink that has less sugar, like water flavored with fresh fruit and herbs. You can also consider mixing a small amount of juice with water.


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