Indoor activities to keep you moving during winter

The winter months pose a challenge when it comes to maintaining your outdoor exercise. When it’s too cold to venture outside, consider these alternatives instead.

    • If you have an indoor bike or treadmill, search for workout videos that you can follow along with on your smartphone or TV.
    • Search for workouts online and don’t forget to be specific on what you need. For example, search “30 minute Pilates class for beginners.”
    • Consider doing a yoga flow. Start out with something simple like Sun Salute A. It can lengthen and strengthen many of your main muscles and relax the mind.
    • If you’re looking for a way to include the whole family, visit It’s a website with interactive games and videos that get children moving. The activities are designed to help them channel their physical and emotional energy for good, improving behavior, focus and achievement. BCBSKS partnered with GoNoodle earlier this year to provide access to all elementary students in our service area, but there’s also activities children can do at home.

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  1. I belong to my local YMCA and regularly attend classes (Silver Sneakers and Boomer Bootcamp) and walk the indoor track. Is my membership covered by BCBS?

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