National Walk at Lunch Day Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas

{Guest blog} Chase Middle School students walk at lunch

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas became a business partner with Chase Middle School, located in Topeka, KS, in 2004 by providing a variety of resources to assist Chase with educating students in grades 6-8.

Each year, students in Chase’s student leadership group lead BCBSKS employees in our walk around the capital for National Walk @ Lunch Day®. Today marks the 10th anniversary of our National Walk @ Lunch Day walk, so we’ve invited six students from Chase to write this week’s blog post on what the participation means to them.

“I’m very excited to be involved in this special activity. It’s a way for me to be involved in a special event for a great cause. For me to be healthy I like to play basketball with my friends and walk around at NOTO when there is the first Friday Art Walk. It is pretty cool to be a part of something great that they’re doing in the community.”

“The National walk at lunch day helps keep people involved and active once a year during lunch. What it means to be involved with this event is that I get to walk around with Blue Cross and Blue Shield workers for lunch. We walk around the building and go to the Capitol where a guest speaker talks to us. The last time I went, I really enjoyed the guest speaker. After that we get to walk around the Capital block. The things I do to be healthy is I go to the gym every night with my dad and run on the treadmill and lift weights for about an hour.”

“To be a part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Walk at Lunch means a lot to me. One thing I do to stay healthy is I don’t drink soda. Another thing is I jump on the trampoline. I am excited to do this event because I would like to help other people be healthy. One last thing I do to stay healthy is not to eat junk food all the time and eat healthy more often.”

“My name is Yadira Garcia, this is my second time participating in this event and I am very excited. My first year, we walked around the capital and had a great time. What it means to me to be able to participate in this event is that I have the opportunity to be in a good, healthy, fun cause. Some ways I stay healthy would be staying hydrated, eating healthy, playing sports and getting enough sleep. There are so many ways to stay healthy and walking is one of them, that’s why I think this event is a good cause.”

“I’m really excited to participate in this event! It means a lot to me to be allowed to participate because I love being healthy and I enjoy helping other people. To stay fit, I like to walk around and play sports outside. I also like to ride my bike, not only because I keep my heart healthy, but because cars aren’t so great for the environment. I love to be active because it is really fun!”

“I am really excited to be a part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Walk at Lunch. I enjoy playing all sports at Chase Middle School and it is fun to stay active. I think it’s important for all people to take time each day to be physically active and this is a great event for the employees at BCBSKS! Can’t wait to walk.”

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