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Two new wellness programs to change your life

You’ve made the decision to quit using tobacco or lose weight – now what? First, congratulations on taking the first step! And second, we can help you achieve your goals.

BCBSKS has two new wellness programs designed to help you improve your quality of life and overall health. When you enroll in one of our free programs, one of our registered nurses will provide one-on-one support, coaching and education through regular telephone calls.

Each element of our programs is designed to help you succeed. For instance during your telephone conversations your nurse will help you identify and set reasonable goals, understand and discover your particular triggers and talk through any potential barriers. Your nurse also will make sure you receive appropriate literature to help you stay engaged and stay “on point” throughout this important time.

With conscious decisions, you can be in control of your life again. When you succeed you’ll have more energy to enjoy the things you love – be it friends, family, the sport you haven’t played since high school, etc…Enroll today!

These free programs are designed to help members 18 and older, who have BCBSKS as his or her primary carrier. Any information gathered during the program will remain strictly confidential. Participation in the program will not affect benefits of the member’s contract. Members may only participant in one program at a time. 

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