{Video} Deskercise! Four easy ways to exercise at work

You’ve likely heard reports in recent years about the negative effects a sedentary lifestyle can have on your health. We face these same challenges at our own desks here at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas. To offset the hazards of sitting all day, consider incorporating these simple desk exercises into your daily routine.

Meet Danielle. In her videos below, she demonstrates multiple exercises that can be done at your desk.

Exercise #1 – Seated leg lift (works quadriceps)

  • Sit at the edge of your chair.
  • Lift one leg and bring back down, trying not to tap the floor.

Do one set of 15 reps with one leg and then switch legs. Repeat.


Exercise #2 – Desktop push ups (works chest)

  • Place hands a little wider than your shoulders.
  • Lower chest toward desk top and to the height of your elbows.

Do two sets of 15 reps.


Exercise #3 – Squats (works hamstrings and gluteals)

  • Pull bottom back as if you are going to sit down into your chair.
  • Lower and lift through your heels.
  • Squeeze gluteal muscles on your way up and always keep knees behind your toes.

Do two sets of 15 reps.


Exercise #4 – Desktop tricep dips

  • Place base of hands on the top edge of your desk.
  • Keep shoulders pulled down away from ears.
  • Bend and straighten elbows, keeping elbows pointing to the wall behind you.
  • Keep your back close to your desk while lowering and lifting.

Do two sets of 15 reps.


And that’s it! Not too difficult, right? Fit these exercises in at least once a day, and your body will thank you.

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