Nationwide access, local support

If your company has employees traveling outside the state or workers living in other parts of the country, you don’t need to look far for seamless healthcare coverage. “Nationwide access, local support” is the unique premise, and promise of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas (BCBSKS). We provide healthcare specially tailored to the needs of the local communities we serve and allow access to our national network wherever our members live, work or travel.

It’s one of the most important benefits of the most trusted healthcare network in America, and one members of every Blue Plan enjoy as part of membership.

Who we are

BCBSKS is a part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, a national federation of 34, community-based Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies. Blue Cross companies:

How it works

When your employees are members of Blue Cross, they have access to 99% of all doctors in Kansas and 90% of all doctors nationwide. Our BlueCard® Program was created to streamline the administration of benefits for members who receive care when they live, work, or travel outside of the plan’s service area.  (BCBSKS serves all counties in Kansas except Johnson and Wyandotte.)

For example, if one of your employees who lives in Kansas falls and breaks his arm while hiking in Yellowstone, he will be charged the rate Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming has negotiated with the local, in-network hospital. Likewise, an employee who lives in Overland Park, Kansas and works remotely would be charged the rate Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City has negotiated with its local providers when receiving medical care in the Kansas City Metro area.  It’s one of the many benefits of belonging to the nation’s oldest and largest health insurance system.

One point of contact

BCBSKS simplifies things for you and your employees. No matter where your employees are located, BCBSKS handles all customer service inquires and processes all medical claims quickly and efficiently with no paperwork and no hassle for members. Easy, dependable service no matter where you’re located.

Find a doctor or hospital

To find an in-network provider anywhere in the country, you and your employees can use our doctor and hospital finder online or on our mobile app. Members can quickly find out which doctors and hospitals are in-network, read and write provider reviews and identify doctors who have been recognized for their quality efforts. 

Traveling abroad

Through Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core, Blue Cross members can get the medical care they need in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. To verify if there are doctors and hospitals in the destination you’re visiting, use this international provider finder.

If providers aren’t available, international health insurance plans through GeoBlue® can help. GeoBlue offers unsurpassed travel medical insurance through one of the world’s largest networks of doctors and hospitals.

We can help you find a solution for your business. For more information about national coverage, contact your Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas representative today.

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