{Guest blog} National Walk @ Lunch Day

It’s time to break out your walking shoes and spend some quality time outside! Every spring my wife and I look forward to resuming our weekend strolls along the Arkansas River. It’s a great way to enjoy fresh air and view the downtown Wichita area from a different perspective.

I also encourage my work family at United Way of the Plains to get outside and soak up the sunshine this time of year. When the weather permits, our team likes to spend 30 minutes walking together near our Wichita office before we begin our monthly all-hands meetings. A brisk stroll and a change of scenery can inspire new ideas, collaboration and creativity.

That’s one reason our organization likes to support National Walk at Lunch Day every year. We enjoy the opportunity to see nature at its best, observe firsthand all the changes taking place in the core area of Wichita, and interact with other colleagues who are also taking advantage of the nice weather.

Walking also allows you to take advantage of the opportunity to explore parks, neighborhoods, and other areas of your community where you don’t usually spend time. I highly recommend participating in any Open Streets events, festivals, or other outdoor activities. You’ll be energized by all the new things you discover about your area and the interesting people you encounter.

So, take a break and get outside. Walking can positively influence both your physical and mental well-being. Hippocrates got it right when he reminded us that walking is the best medicine.

– Peter Najera, president and CEO of United Way of the Plains

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