Caregivers Need Self-Care Too

Caregivers need to focus on their own well-being to properly succeed at caregiving and avoid compassion fatigue. There are five crucial aspects of self-care, including getting enough sleep, eating healthy foods, exercising, having relaxation time and having social support.

Caregivers can improve their quality of life and increase their levels of happiness by directing their attention inward and taking more time to care for themselves. Often, we might feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to fit in all we need to do. However, self-care is an essential ingredient to a healthy life. Until we properly take care of ourselves, we cannot be an effective caregiver for others.

Here are some tips for dealing with compassion fatigue:

  • Slow down and make self-care a priority
  • Try to strike more of a balance between caring for yourself and others
  • Create a clear separation between your personal and professional life
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help—don’t try to hold the weight of the world on your shoulders
  • Connect with colleagues who can relate to your experience
  • Practice mindfulness by being completely present in whatever you are doing in each moment
  • Be grateful for yourself and what you contribute to the world

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