BCBSKS supports KCSDV, uniting communities for safety and justice

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas (BCBSKS) has a long history of supporting the Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence (KCSDV). While BCBSKS is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year, KCSDV is also celebrating a big anniversary – 40 years of supporting domestic violence victim-survivors. They hope 2022 will be the year of call to action for communities to better aid victims – and BCBSKS has stepped up to help them in their cause.

“For more than 20 years, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas has been an incredible partner with the Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence (KCSDV). BCBSKS is such an important partner because it recognizes that domestic violence impacts all of us. Domestic violence invades our workplaces, our communities and our families,” said Joyce Grover, KCSDV executive director. “BCBSKS is a leader in the state in addressing the impact of domestic violence in our places of employment.”    

What does KCSDV do?

KCSDV is Kansas’ leading statewide voice for victims and survivors of sexual and domestic violence. 

They support 25 local sexual and domestic violence advocacy organizations who provide free, voluntary and confidential services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

  • More than 70,000 Kansans receive help each year
  • 44,350 crisis hotline calls answered
  • Nearly 22,000 people receive face-to-face, non-shelter services
  • 3,570 people find refuge in safe shelters across Kansas – resulting in 88,900 shelter bed nights provided
  • 144,700 hours of services provided

Over the coming year, they have many events planned in which BCBSKS will support them. Events with a focus on remembrance, advocacy, self-care and training. 

“With the help of BCBSKS, KCSDV’s member programs were able to not only provide safety and shelter but also to provide training to advocates, influence legislative policy, create legal advocacy, medical advocacy, and foster relationships with partners,” said Joyce. “This partnership and funding also enabled KCSDV to expand its capacity, now serving more than 70,000 Kansans annually.”

By supporting KCSDV, BCBSKS will help secure a brighter future for hundreds of women, children and men impacted by sexual and domestic violence.  “Identifying issues directly impacting survivors’ ability to access services is at the forefront of KCSDV’s efforts,” said Joyce. “Each of our allies play a vital role in the long-term work of reweaving the social network of the Sunflower State so we can collaboratively end domestic violence. We are fortunate to count BCBSKS as one of those powerful allies.

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