Celebrate Family Fitness and Wellness Day

The last Saturday in September celebrates National Family Health and Fitness Day and helps promote physical activity and healthy living with your family and loved ones. The COVID-19 pandemic halted the lives of many families. School sports, gym classes and recess were many times cancelled or postponed and many people stayed indoors. Use this day to break those unhealthy patterns and establish new healthy ones as a family! Here are some fun and easy ways to celebrate National Family Health and Fitness Day!

Go on a family walk or bike ride

Exercising doesn’t have to be complicated! Lace up those tennis shoes, dust off your bikes and hit those feet to the pavement. Going on a walk or a bike ride is an easy and fun way to add exercise into your family routine!

Indoor workout video

Stuck indoors? Don’t let that stop you! There are so many fun YouTube exercise videos that you can do as a family. From fun dance moves to indoor walking – there’s bound to be a video that everyone would enjoy.

Play a family sports game

Grab a ball and join each other in the yard! Tossing, kicking or chasing the ball can promote healthy movement and feel like a game and not a punishment!

Go play at your local playground

Do you have a local playground in your neighborhood? Take your family there to play on the equipment or run around in the grass. This is a great way to move our bodies and burn some energy!

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