Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas announces new maternity program

Millions of women give birth in the U.S. every year. A majority of these women have healthy pregnancies and deliveries. However, a nationwide analysis of Blue Cross Blue Shield Association data reveals an increasing number of women are experiencing pregnancy and childbirth complications. In addition, a greater number of women are entering pregnancy with pre-existing conditions, and the number of women diagnosed with postpartum depression after giving birth increased by nearly 30% since 2014.

At Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas, we want you to have a safe and healthy pregnancy and we recognize the need to support pregnant women and new moms is greater than ever before. With the introduction of a new maternity program, expecting mothers can now get personalized care from onsite nurses to help guide them through their pregnancy.

This program is open to pregnant women who have Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas as their primary health insurance. The maternity program is a convenient, telephone-based service that includes at least four calls: one each trimester and a postpartum assessment. Additional follow-up calls are available, as needed.

This new program is designed to help women have healthy deliveries and healthy babies, and to assess any potential complications throughout their pregnancy and postpartum care. BCBSKS wellness nurses stay in contact with the woman’s primary doctor throughout the program and are available as extra support during the pregnancy. Ultimately, the goals of the program include reducing the risk of pregnancy complications and NICU admissions, and increasing initiation of childhood vaccinations.

You can find more details on our website. Members can enroll by completing an online enrollment form or by calling 800-520-3137.

In the upcoming weeks, we will be highlighting the information found in the Blue Cross Blue Shield Health of America report on the trends in pregnancy and childbirth complications in the U.S.

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