The what, why, and how on social distancing

As coronavirus (COVID-19) cases continue to rise in the United States, including in Kansas, it is important to practice social distancing. Social distancing means putting space between yourself and other people. In this case, 6 feet or more is the recommended distance. It also means avoiding contact with other people as much as you can. So if possible:

  • Work from home, and keep your kids at home.
  • Don’t travel if you don’t have to, and avoid public transportation if you can.
  • Limit shopping to essentials, like food and medicines. Authorities are kindly asking people not to hoard supplies, so there is enough for everyone.
  • Most restaurants are now offering takeout or delivery service. Support local restaurants, coffee shops, and cafes by utilizing these methods when eating out.
  • Avoid gatherings of more than 10 people.

Why is it important now?

Social distancing is the best way to reduce the spread of coronavirus. This virus seems to spread from person to person through droplets from coughing and sneezing. So if you keep your distance from others, you’re less likely to get it or spread it.

Social distancing is important for everyone, not just those who are at high risk of infection, like seniors. You might have the virus but not have symptoms yet. You could then give the infection to someone you come into contact with.

How can I get others to practice social distancing?

It may be hard to get some people to do social distancing. This may be especially true of older kids and teens. You might offer this information:

Think about others.

This virus seems to spread easily and quickly. Those at highest risk of serious illness include older people and others who have serious health problems like diabetes or lung disease. You may not know that a friend or family member has one of these diseases. By limiting close contact, you can help protect the people you care most about and your community.

Remind them that social distancing isn’t quarantine.

Unless you are sick, you don’t have to be trapped in the house. You can still get outside and be active. Fresh air is good for you. Go for a walk or bike ride, just remember to keep that 6-foot space between you and others. Avoid gathering places like playgrounds and coffee shops. And wash your hands well when you get home, , and try and avoid touching your face.

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