Get outside to enjoy staying healthy

The Doctor’s Note: Get outside to enjoy staying healthy

Summer is finally here. Winter extended its stay into late April and getting outside for a walk this spring was not as inviting as usual. Making the effort to do more activities outside can have significant and lasting benefits. Don’t let the summer heat reduce your desire to go outside for exercise.

Studies show that activities performed in nature make us happier than doing the same indoors. Try walking outdoors and leave your phone at home. Unplug to unwind and return more relaxed and refreshed.

Plan your day to create time to get outside early or later in the day when the heat is tolerable. Walk with a friend or family and you can exercise while you reconnect and share events of the day. For an easy way to locate trails near you for walking or biking, check out You will be glad you did.

Dr. Atwood

Michael Atwood, M.D., CHIE, is the vice president of medical affairs and chief medical officer at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas. He is a board certified family physician and an American Academy of Family Physicians fellow.

Note: Since the date of this publication, Dr. Atwood has retired from BCBSKS.

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