Chase Middle School students lead BCBSKS employees

{Guest blog} Chase Middle School students design superpower sneakers

It’s National Walk @ Lunch Day® and you can’t have a good walk without a good pair of sneakers! We invited students from Chase Middle School to tell us how they would design a sneaker with superpowers.

Students in Chase’s student leadership group lead BCBSKS employees in our walk around the capital for National Walk @ Lunch Day. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas became a business partner with Chase Middle School, located in Topeka, KS, in 2004 by providing a variety of resources to assist Chase with educating students in grades 6-8.

Laysha (8th grade)

“If I had a pair of tennis shoes that had a superpower, I would like the power of healing others with a touch and super speed. I would love to run fast; I could get to places faster. If I injured myself or someone while running, with a touch I would be able to help them or myself. I would want to be able to run quickly in case of an emergency. I would want to have the power to heal because I want to help people if they are ever injured. That is the superpower I would like to have.”

Alex (8th grade)

“If I had a pair of tennis shoes with a superpower, it would be to reverse time. I pick this because then I could rewind tragic events in history. Then I would be able to avoid many tragic events such as 9/11. This would help the world as a whole because then we could stop almost any bad events. It may also help save lives because then I could rewind time to stop mass killings or shooting. It could also be a bad thing because we would not learn about somethings that helped the US change for the better. That is what superpower I would pick.”

Lesley (8th grade)

“If I had a pair of tennis shoes that had one superpower it would be to heal others in case of any emergency, this would be my superpower my shoes would have because I really love helping others. Being kind comes back to being rewarding to seeing people smile. Yesterday, I was at a family member’s house and since the weather was nice, there was this lady on a bike and she had her baby in a bike trolley, and the trolley broke off, and I saw it happen and when it did, I felt bad so we asked her if she needed help and she said yes she needed help taking her bike to her house while she pulled her baby in the trolley.  We helped her out to her house and when we arrived to her house, she thanked us with a big smile, it made me feel good, and it warmed my heart!”

Luis (7th grade)

“If my tennis shoes could give me superpowers, I would want to have the ability to teleport. I want to teleport because I could go visit my grandma and family every day in Mexico. Also because I want to go eat some tacos. I would also go to Dubai to the Burj Khalifa. The most important thing I would do is save people’s lives. Like if, someone is going to be run over by a car I would teleport and push him or her out of the way.”

Melanie (7th grade)

“If my shoes had a super power, I would want them to be fast shoes because I would be faster. Another reason is that I would never be late because right now I am always late!  So, imagine being fast and never being late. I would be on time all the time, which would be so cool. Or I could be early, which never happens. That is why I would choose my super power to be fast shoes.”

 Jackie (7th grade)

“If I had a magic power in my shoes, it would be to fly. If I had the power to fly, I would be able to visit my family that I do not get to see very often. I would also be able to travel across the world to countries that are in need. I would help them out by giving them food, water and shelter. I could also teach them how to read and write. One final reason I would want my super power to be flying is so I can get out of a bad situation fast. If someone was trying to kill me or hurt me, I could just fly away!  These are several reasons why I would want my super power to be flying.”

Hailey (6th grade)

“Well they might have the power of turning into any animal’s feet. I would pick that power because I could have cheetah speed. Also, I could have kangaroo feet which would make me be able to hop high and far. Cheetah feet would make me go fast and I would go much faster than everybody else and kangaroo feet I could hop and kick people, but I would not do that.”

Ian (6th grade)

“The superpower would be the power to teleport anywhere I want. I would have this power because I could teleport to someone in need of help and I could go places I have never been before. Also, this power allows me to do magic tricks on people to make them happy. The power to teleport in my opinion is the best transportation power because it is faster than flying its instant transportation. With these shoes, I could go anywhere I want and I could hold hands with my family and teleport them for something like vacation.”

Destiny (6th grade)

“My pair of tennis shoes would have the superpower of flying. My tennis shoes would be able to make me fly. I would want to have flying shoes because I would be able to get places faster by the touch of a button. The button would be on the inner part of the shoe so nobody would be able to know that they fly. By the time I have tried the flying shoes I would make more and more of them so people can have them and not have to use a car and sit in traffic. They could be dangerous but they will also be fun. This is what my superpower for my tennis shoes would be.”

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  1. These kids are awesome! They want to use their super power tennis shoes to help OTHERS! What a genuine quality to have!

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