Committed to Kansas – Midwest Energy and Peerless Products

Committed to Kansas – Midwest Energy & Peerless Products

Commitment makes Kansas workers among the best anywhere. Their commitment shows as they create customized, energy-saving windows and keep power flowing across Kansas.

As part of our 75th anniversary, we’ve featured Kansas businesses that exemplify what it means to serve with compassion and improve lives in their communities. Midwest Energy and Peerless Products are featured in our latest commercial. We asked them to share how they’ve remained committed to Kansans.

Energizing the Midwest

Midwest Energy can trace its roots back to 1939, when the Central Kansas Electric Cooperative was formed in Great Bend and served just 20 customers. More than 78 years later, it has grown to serve 93,000 customers in 40 central and western Kansas counties.

For many households, using the services Midwest Energy provides is a routine occurrence. In fact, it would be hard to imagine a day without electric and gas service, which is why Midwest Energy understands the commitment they have to their members.

“Without these services, life as we know it grinds to a halt. That’s why it’s important every member of our team, in addition to being well-trained and equipped, be healthy and physically ready for whatever comes our way. When a storm takes power lines down, it’s critical we restore service as quickly as possible, and you can’t do that when your team is injured or sick,” Mike Morley, Midwest Energy’s director of communications & government affairs, said.

Midwest Energy, Great Bend Kansas

But being committed to Kansas communities doesn’t just mean making sure the lights come on. Midwest also prides itself on the commitment its employees are making to their communities.

“Midwest Energy has a deep connection to our rural communities. Through the community fund, we’ve contributed millions of dollars to non-profits, schools and groups that serve our customers directly, further enhancing their quality of life. Most of our employees serve twice, first on the job, but many also serve in countless volunteer and elected positions, including council persons, firefighters, little league coaches and more,” Morley said.

A window into Kansas

As an architectural window manufacturer in Fort Scott, Peerless Products has been producing high-performance aluminum architectural and commercial windows for new construction, replacement and historical construction since 1952.

Because windows are such an integral piece of any project, Peerless is committed to ensuring their products meet several guidelines.

“We are a member of the American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association (AAMA), and test all our products to meet the most stringent quality standards set by AAMA. We are engineers, pioneering new technologies that drive bold advances in window designs. We are industry leaders, offering unrivaled products and capabilities,” Mike Jackman, Peerless’ human resources manager, said.

Peerless Products, Fort Scott Kansas

In fact, it’s that commitment to quality that can be seen throughout all aspects of the company. Peerless enjoys being involved with the Fort Scott community and sponsors many youth activities and community events. They also realize that without a commitment to their employees, they wouldn’t be the company they are today.

“The commitments we make to our employees are extremely important to us. Our employees make us who we are. With our competitive pay structures, benefits programs, profit sharing checks and opportunities for promotion from within, we put our employees first.

“Nothing is more important to us than the promises we make. We strive to be a world-class company and we will settle for nothing less,” Jackman said.

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  1. It is just cool to think of how each of us as individuals help not only our own employers thrive, but we have a positive impact on other businesses and employees. Relationships and Partnerships are so important! Karol Roadhouse, Hays Field Office Group Consultant for BCBS of Kansas.

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