Life in Motion with Vera, Katherine and Steve

Life in Motion with Vera, Steve & Katherine

Vera knew she was too young to be plagued with hip and knee issues. She had weight to lose and needed to find a new activity that she and her husband could enjoy together. After some research and extra pleading to her husband, Vera, Steve and their granddaughter, Katherine, grabbed their bikes and set out on the Kansas River Water Trail. The first trip was rough, but now the whole family has mastered the trail. It’s how they keep their life in motion.


Recognize Vera, Steve and Katherine? You may have seen them in our Plan 65 commercial.

2 thoughts on “Life in Motion with Vera, Steve & Katherine

  1. Really nice video. If you can only ride, say around the block, it’s amazing how fast the distance can get farther and farther. There is nothing better than biking to enjoy an area – walking is too slow and you sure can’t see anything from a car.

    Thanks for sharing.

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