A real comfort with Elsie Cottrell

As we continue to celebrate 75 years in business, we recognize that it is our members – the Kansas residents and communities – who worked together to help build our company into what it is today.

This is particularly true for Elsie Cottrell, who has been a member of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas for all 75 years. Earlier this year, she invited us to her home in Meade, where she shared memories of the day in 1942 when Blue Cross came to town to sign people up for health insurance.

6 thoughts on “A real comfort with Elsie Cottrell

  1. What a great testimony to BCBS. I’ve always favored BCBS and carried it when I could. I’ve had other health insurance because that was the only option with my employer. But whenever possible, I always chose BCBS. It’s a simple clear choice. Congratulations on 75 years.

  2. Elsie is a real joy to know and I’m proud to call her a friend. What an wonderful story about a super company. I have enjoyed BCBS since 1975 and never been disappointed.

  3. Elsie Cottrell is a delightful woman and could serve as the face of BC and BS. Her apparent health and her charm at the age of 87 is an inspiration.

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