{Guest Blog} Kansas Insurance Commissioner encourages walking for better health

Today we celebrate our 11th annual National Walk @ Lunch Day®.  In honor of this annual event, we have invited the Kansas Insurance Commissioner, Ken Selzer, to discuss the importance of maintaining a regular exercise routine and what that looks like to him.

Many people around the Capitol Complex in Topeka walk during lunchtime every day. From my office window, I can view a number of different ways they take advantage of this exercise.

Some stroll, deep in conversation with a walking partner (or cell phone); others move leisurely in a fashion that suggests a need to work off lunch; and still others stride intently, taking large steps with arms and elbows swinging.

Whatever their style, they are all making a difference in their physical and mental health. And that’s exactly the idea that Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas (BCBSKS) is supporting with today’s National Walk @ Lunch Day event.

For 75 years, BCBSKS has played an active role in helping Kansans lead healthier lives.  National Walk at Lunch Day, being celebrated in 13 Kansas communities today, encourages busy people like yourselves to take a walk during your lunch break and start — if you haven’t already — a healthy routine.

Being more physically active, eating nutritionally, and quitting tobacco use have so many health benefits for you. I am convinced that those healthy activities curtail chronic health conditions, which in turn reduces the overall cost of everybody’s health insurance.

And walking is one of the easiest and most effective forms of exercise; just grab a comfortable pair of shoes and head out. A 30-minute brisk walk on a regular basis can:

  • Decrease the risk of heart attack and Type 2 diabetes
  • Control weight
  • Improve muscle tone
  • Reduce stress

So join with your Blue Cross friends and neighbors today —and every day — and take a walk at lunchtime.

Ken Selzer
Ken Selzer, CPA,
Kansas Commissioner of Insurance

The Kansas Insurance Department, established in 1871, assists and educates consumers, regulates and reviews companies, and licenses agents selling insurance products in the state. More about the department is online at www.ksinsurance.org or at www.facebook.com/kansasinsurancedepartment.

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