Life in motion with John and Dana Harrell

Life in Motion with John & Dana Harrell

What do you know about pickleball? Not much? Let John & Dana Harrell get you up to speed. What was once unfamiliar territory to them quickly turned into pickleball passion. The ability to exercise all parts of their bodies is why they like getting active on the court and it’s how they keep their life in motion.


Recognize John & Dana? They’re real Kansans featured in our Plan 65 commercial.

5 thoughts on “Life in Motion with John & Dana Harrell

  1. I love it and think it’s great! It does look similar to tennis or what they call “hand ball”. i enjoyed the video and i do belong to a club!

  2. I LIVE IN Olathe Kansas and am a customer of BCBS OF Kansas I wish you would provide a Silver Sneakers program,I pay my own way to belong to the Olathe Community center using the Lazy River for my daily exercise,with the money I pay you monthly it sure would help for me to have a Silver Sneakers program

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