State fair season | Tips to stay healthy

Summer is coming to an end. The kids are back in school, the mornings are a bit crisper, and the days seem to be getting shorter. But before we say goodbye to the season, many of us enjoy a last bit of summer fun at the annual state fair. Rides, livestock and live music are some reasons we flock to the fair, but many people look forward to indulging in the foods that can only be found at state fairs: funnel cakes, turkey legs, cotton candy, and lots and lots of fried food.You can enjoy your favorites, but to help curb all those cravings, here are a few tips to keep you on track.

Go early

You may be less tempted by food vendors if you attend early in the day when the fair opens and the food vendors aren’t open yet.

Keep moving

There is always a lot to see and do at the state fair. Participate in fun activities that your local state fair may offer: dancing, trampoline jumping, children’s races, and of course walking. Walk as much as possible!

Plan ahead

Many state fairs may have maps on their website to help you plan your trip out in advance. Mark the exhibits and vendors you want to visit, and try your best to stick to your plan. Knowing what will be waiting for you when you get there may make it easier to skip cravings as they hit you.

If you plan to spend the entire day at the fair, make sure to eat before attending the fair to limit the number of meals you will need to eat while there. Also, multiple state fairs allow you to bring your own food and non-alcoholic beverages. Consider packing a healthy lunch or bringing snacks and water so you and your family can indulge in one special meal or treat throughout the day.

Sharing is caring

More than likely you will be attending the state fair with at least one other person. Opt to share your food with someone else. Fair foods were made for sharing as they are typically larger portions. This is perfect! Plus, it’s a win for your wallet, too, by not buying one of everything for each person in your group.

Watch what you drink

Calories can add up quickly, especially when they come in liquid form. Try to drink as much water as possible. This will not only help to keep you hydrated, but it will keep you from having cravings throughout your time at the fair. Other healthier options could include iced tea or real fruit juices.

The state fair is meant to be a fun experience for you and your family. Enjoy all things it has to offer by practicing moderation, and you’ll be fine.

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