Caffeine consumption – How much is too much?

Many of us rely on caffeine to help us get through our daily routines. Ever wonder how much caffeine you actually should be consuming though? If you use caffeine to stay energized, you should limit yourself to no more than 250 milligrams (mg) of caffeine daily. Caffeine can help relieve stress and improve concentration, and those are the exact reasons why most of us feel the need to have it every day.

Below are some of the more popular sources of caffeine and how many mg of caffeine are in each beverage. This is simply a guide, since caffeine content can vary based on brewing time, roasting or grinding of coffee beans and so on.


Brewed (8 oz.) = 95-200 mg

Brewed, decaffeinated (8 oz.) = 2-12 mg

Instant (8 oz.) = 27-173 mg

Instant, decaffeinated (8 oz.) = 2-12 mg

Specialty drink (latte or mocha) (8 oz.) = 63-175 mg

Brewed Tea

Black tea (8 oz.) = 14-70 mg

Black tea, decaffeinated (8 oz.) = 0-12 mg

Green tea (8 oz.) = 24-45 mg

Iced Tea

Instant, prepared with water (8 oz.) = 11-47 mg

Ready-to-drink, bottled (8 oz.) = 5-40 mg


Coca-Cola (12 oz.) = 23-35 mg

Dr. Pepper, regular and diet (12 oz.) = 36-42 mg

Mountain Dew, regular and diet (12 oz.) = 42-55 mg

Pepsi (12 oz.) = 32-39 mg

Energy Drinks

Amp, regular or sugar-free (8 oz.) = 71-74 mg

5-Hour Energy shot (2 oz.) = 200-207 mg

Full Throttle, regular or sugar-free (8 oz.) = 70-100 mg

Red Bull, regular or sugar-free (8.4 oz.) = 75-80 mg

Rockstar, regular or sugar-free (8 oz.) = 79-80 mg

While most of us know that caffeine is found in beverages such as coffee and soda, check out this article to learn about other unexpected sources of caffeine.  Some include:

  • Chocolate
  • Energy water
  • Weight-loss pills

Remember! If you should need caffeine to help get you through your busy routine, try to limit your intake to 250 mg each day.


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  1. OK just how was this brewed? Brewed (8 oz.) = 95-200 mg The way the coffee package says to? One tablespoon of grounds per cup?

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