What you need to know about specialty carve-out vendors

It’s no secret that drug spending is heavily driven by a relatively small number of high-cost specialty drugs. Self-funded employer groups are looking for any way to save on these costs. As a result, a number of specialty carve-outs have made their way into the market.       Specialty carve-outs are drug cost management services that contract with self-funded employer groups and third-party administrators to secure … Continue reading What you need to know about specialty carve-out vendors

What are specialty drugs

What is special about specialty drugs?

OK, I am going to show my age… Life used to be more simple. That statement is true for many aspects of life, even for the medications you take to treat an illness. Not so many years ago, every medication you needed was available at your local pharmacy. You would visit your doctor about a problem, get a prescription, take that prescription to your local pharmacy and take home your medication. It was very easy. However, we now live in an era of specialty drug products that make this process a bit more complicated. Continue reading “What is special about specialty drugs?”