Spill the tea: can this drink help diabetes?

No magic potion can solve all your health problems. But if you have diabetes, there is a beverage that may boost your ability to manage your condition. What’s more, it comes in many colors and flavors, and it’s simple to find on your grocery store shelf. It’s tea – and whether you prefer green, black or oolong, research suggests sipping a cup, or a few, … Continue reading Spill the tea: can this drink help diabetes?

Disease management program helps member take control of prediabetes diagnosis

When Kim Sachse was diagnosed with chronic heart failure and prediabetes, she thought it was nerve-wracking and had a lot of questions. She knew that she needed to add low-sodium and lower carb options to her diet, and she knew she needed to exercise, but didn’t really know how to start making changes. Then, Kim received a letter inviting her to enroll in the Blue … Continue reading Disease management program helps member take control of prediabetes diagnosis

The health of millennials

Nearly 73 million people in the U.S. are millennials – people born between 1981 and 1996. In a recent study, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Index examined the health of the 55 million commercially insured millennials. The BCBS Health Index quantifies more than 200 different health conditions to identify which diseases and conditions most affect Americans’ longevity and quality of life. It’s powered by … Continue reading The health of millennials

Managing your diabetes

More than just statistics: Living with diabetes

It’s easy to focus on the numbers – they can be alarming. Diabetes is a costly disease – in fact, diabetes and pre-diabetes cost America $322 billion per year. Diabetes can damage blood vessels, the eyes and kidneys. It can result in poor wound healing and devastating soft tissue infections. Complications from diabetes include heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, hypoglycemia and more. Nearly 71,000 people die in the United States annually due to complications associated with diabetes. Continue reading “More than just statistics: Living with diabetes”

The Doctor’s Note: Move it! Move it!

Many of us in the baby boomer generation fondly recall the 1960s sitcom “Gomer Pyle, USMC.” The television series starred Jim Nabors as a Marine trainee named Gomer Pyle and Frank Sutton as his short-fused drill sergeant, Sgt. Carter. As I recall, in nearly every episode, there was a scene with Sgt. Carter yelling “Pyle! Move it! Move it!” at the top of his lungs as Gomer Pyle was bumbling his way through military exercises. Check it out on YouTube; they don’t make comedy like that anymore. Continue reading “The Doctor’s Note: Move it! Move it!”