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  1. Why was I charged full price for my Dr. Visit instead of just paying to the co-pay that is listed on my card?

    1. Hi James, you can change your plan type during the open enrollment period. For individual plans, this will be between Nov. 1 and Dec. 15, for group plans it varies on when your group re-enrolls each year. For additional assistance, please reach out to one of our Customer Experience Representatives at 785-291-4304.

    1. To find out where your flu shot will be covered, please log in to your BlueAccess account and check the provider directory.

  2. I am nearing retirement and wondering about your supplemental packages for my wife and I. My wife is already retired. I am still working and on BCBS Kansas, and would like consider converting some or all of the coverage I have now, if feasible, into one of the Medicare supplemental plans.
    Please contact at your earliest convenience.

      1. I am looking for information as to whether you do some form of reimbursement or incentive program for working out? My mother-in-law is a nurse and has this as an incentive through her insurance. Essentially her Apple Watch keeps track of her fitness and she turns that in or has it synced to her insurance. Once she has accumulated so many steps or an exercise goal she receives a gift card.

  3. I had ordered mail order prescription and paid for them then all of a sudden im refunded with no notice or email or anything and I have no idea what is going on. On express scripts sight it says still processing. What should I do?

  4. Hi, I am a BCBS retiree and have been trying to apply for the seasonal job in the mail room but haven’t had much luck finding the right site to apply. can you help me out with this. My Son works for BC and I worked there for 24 years and am in desperate need of employment right now. My husband just passed away. Please help if you can. I am signed up but cant remember password

  5. I applied for supplement through b c i wanted it to start oct 1st. Can u tell me if i may have gotten it?

    1. I have not been receiving my BCBS papers showing what’s pd for doc visits & such, since we moved. Rhonda Coker

      1. Hi Rhonda, thanks for reaching out to us. We’d like to look into that for you. Please send your phone number and a good time to call to social.csc@bcbsks.com and we’ll have one of our reps. give you a call. Thanks!

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