Five early signs of opioid use disorder

{Video} Five early signs of opioid use disorder

With opioid overdose rates increasing across the country, learn how to spot the early signs of opioid use disorder in friends and family.


Having access to safe medication disposal methods is a key factor in helping curb abuse and misuse of over-the-counter and prescription medications – especially opioids – as well as lowering the opportunity for accidental poisonings.

We’ve partnered with Walgreens to expand the availability of safe medication disposal kiosks in Kansas. These kiosks allow you to easily dispose of unwanted or old prescription and over-the-counter medications. Find a kiosk near you by visiting

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6 thoughts on “{Video} Five early signs of opioid use disorder

  1. Would have been nice to hear of other signs you may look for. Like the behavior a abuser might be experiencing. Such as phantom pains, going to several different doctors for different ailments, emergency room visits, avoiding family and friends. And, perhaps giving information and outreach programs if you suspect opioid abuse.

  2. Great info for spotting opioid abuse, but what if it happens to someone in your family? What if the addict has no insurance to seek treatment? Opioid use is now an epidemic. What do you suggest as options for treating the disease, because by the time opioid abusers realize they have a problem they no longer can choose to walk away.

    1. Hi Jeri, thanks for reaching out to us. Local community mental health centers would be a good place to start to find resources for individual who don’t have insurance. Additionally, more treatment options and informations can be found on the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s website,

  3. Walmart now gives you a packet with your prescription for any left over that you don’t need. You mix it with water and the pills and they are unusable by others.

  4. Great article!  I’ve wondered for a while now if there were safe disposal sites near me, and now I know.  Thank you, for the info and for partnerships like the one you have with Walgreens.  What a great testiment to BCBSKS’ mission to promote healthy communities!

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