Fool your kids with these actually healthy dishes

Fool your kids with these actually healthy dishes

The dinner table can be a battleground. As a parent, you work hard to make sure your kids keep a balanced diet, but often times, vegetables go untouched and end up in the trash. Instead of serving vegetables on their own, consider hiding them in a delicious recipe! Your kids aren’t likely to know the difference.

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1. Barbecue Chicken Pizza

Sweet barbecue sauce is the perfect cover for grated zucchini, which is what you’ll add to give this pizza a veggie twist. Bake it on a whole-wheat crust and you’ve got a meal that will make both you and your kids happy. View recipe.

Barbecue Chicken Pizza from EatingWell
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2. Sweet Potato Mac & Cheese

You’ll only end up using about half as much cheese as you might typically find in a traditional macaroni and cheese recipe. The bright orange color of the sweet potato will trick your kids into thinking there’s more cheese than there really is. View recipe.

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3. Carrot Cake Smoothie

Tell your kids your blending a piece of cake into a smoothie and we’re sure they’ll be eager to have a taste. This smoothie uses chopped carrot, apple and pineapple to create a delicious snack that’s loaded with vitamins A and C. View recipe.

Carrot Cake Smoothie from EatingWell
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