{Video} How to make healthy choices at the supermarket

Follow along as Diane Werner, RD, LD, takes you through each section of the supermarket. In these quick videos, she’ll show you what to look for and how to fill your cart with healthy choices.

We’d like to give a special thank you to Dillons Grocery for allowing us to film in their store!

Breads, cereals, pastas


Convenience foods


Dairy items


Frozen foods


Meats and fish






Diane Werner is a licensed and registered dietitian, board certified sports dietitian and serves as a consultant to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas.

8 thoughts on “{Video} How to make healthy choices at the supermarket

  1. I found the information on shopping for food at a grocery store helpful.Reminders of how to care for food once purchased allows for more time to enjoy purchased items.I like the music very upbeat and a catchy tune but distracting when she began to talk. overall I enjoyed the video’s on the different food items.

  2. I’d like to know how much money was spent to produce these minimally informative videos. Unless they were underwritten by a grant, that’s our premium money being redirected away from benefits.
    This information should already be broadly known, and does not even begin to take into account the frequently necessary customization of food choices due to individual health needs. I find these videos to be virtually worthless!
    The link was also sent to me in an email after BCBSKS informed me that I would no longer receive emails.

  3. I agree with Brian. I keep seeing dieticians stuck in the old paradigm of advising too broadly against fat, especially saturated fat, and even cholesterol (which these videos thankfully didn’t mention). Inadequate fiber and excessive sugar and processed carbs are by far the main problems with the American diet, a challenging pattern to change even for those of us who are working toward healthy eating habits.

    I didn’t have any problem hearing the speaker.

  4. Very good information but the music was too loud. I had to replay the videos to listen again because of the music

  5. Cut the music in the video, missing many of the words because can’t make out what she is saying over the music. Very good content to know.

  6. I was surprised to hear that Ms. Werner recommends skim and lowfat dairy choices. While I myself find whole milk too thick since I was trained to drink skim and lowfat milk, more current research seems to show that healthy amounts of fat are, well … healthy.

    I certainly realilze that obesity is a big problem. Couldn’t it be said that the main things to be avoided or reduced are sugars (particularly HFCS) and many carbs? At least in normal amounts found in meats, and in dairy products, I’m persuaded that fat is a good thing, not something to be avoided. It’s counter-intuitive for those in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, but….

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