July is National Parks and Recreation Month

Our community parks and recreational facilities play a crucial role in encouraging better health and physical activity in people of all ages. Here are some interesting facts from the American Fitness Index (AFI) about what parks and recreational facilities offer our communities:

  1. The more parks there are in a community, the more people exercise.
  1. The closer people live to parks, the more people tend to exercise.
  1. People who live close to parks report better mental health, regardless if they exercise there.
  1. The more pleasant a park looks, the more likely people will exercise there.
  1. Parks and recreational facilities with fun features like sports complexes or skate parks attract more people.
  1. Parks that offer team sports, classes and exercise sessions are more likely to be used.
  1. If high quality exercise equipment is installed, people who use it get more fit. And, even those who don’t use it are more active simply because they’re inspired by the equipment.
  1. Parks can save people money. Exercise at parks or recreational facilities can be as effective as drugs in preventing chronic diseases.

These are just a few perfect reasons to get out and take advantage of your local parks and recreational facilities! Celebrate this month by enjoying what your community has given to you.

Sources: AFI

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  1. We live in a small community. Interested in what exercise programs others do for Seniors as far as exercise in the park. Wanting to see if we might be able to start something here.

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