Eight quick tips for migraine treatment

If you’re new to migraine pain, check out this article from WebMD. It outlines some tips to help prevent and treat migraines. Some tips include,

  • “Exercise regularly – try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise on most days of the week.”
  • “Keep a routine – eat meals and snacks at about the same times during the day. Go to bed and wake up at the same times.”
  • “Quit smoking – it can bring on migraines and make any headache, especially cluster headaches, worse. Ask your doctor how to stop.”
  • “Know your triggers – keep a diary to learn what sets off your headaches. Avoid these things when possible.”

To read the rest of the tips WebMD outlines, click here.

BCBSKS members can also log into BlueAccess® to read more about migraine headaches through our HealthyOptions portal.

  1. Sign-in to BlueAccess
  2. Click on the WebMD logo, under the HealtyOptions header
  3. Once the dashboard loads, click on “Health Information” and select “All Topics” under “Health Topics”
  4. Browse to “Migraine Headaches”

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