How to pick and store your summer produce

The summer months are definitely one of the most fruitful times of the year when it comes to enjoying fresh produce. Is there anything more refreshing than a slice of juicy watermelon on a hot day or a bowl of perfectly ripe cherries by the pool? Enjoy seasonal produce all summer long by learning how to pick and store these common fruits and veggies. Scroll through the gallery to learn more.

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{Video} How to select and cut hard-to-eat fruit

The spiky shell of a pineapple or fuzzy skin of a kiwi may have you thinking twice before choosing them as a snack, but don’t let their complex exteriors stop you from enjoying a fresh piece of fruit! We asked BCBSKS corporate chef Steve Harvey to demonstrate how to cut a pineapple, avocado and kiwi. Follow this step-by-step guide and you’ll be a produce slicing pro in no time!

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