A preventive health guide for men

Eating well and staying active are great ways to lead a healthy lifestyle. However, they’re just one part of your total health picture. It’s also important to know what medical conditions you may be at risk for. Does diabetes or prostate cancer run in your family? Do you have high cholesterol? Knowing if you’re prone to these medical conditions can help you create a plan of action to treat them.

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The Doctor’s Note: Quality care and cervical cancer prevention

Quality matters and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas (BCBSKS) is committed to working collaboratively with our providers to improve quality. One way we are doing this is to provide incentives to providers for completing recommended preventive screening tests for members.

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Understanding My Insurance, part 2

In the first post of this series, we highlighted some key features of the Affordable Care Act. Today, we’ll discuss how to use your health insurance to stay healthy.

Securing health care coverage was a great first step in maintaining a healthy lifestyle – and it was pretty easy to sign up, right? But, that’s just one piece of the picture. Healthy living is made up of many pieces and all of them fit together to make the complete picture. You already know that things like eating healthy, staying active and getting enough sleep are major pieces of this picture, so how does health insurance fit in this picture? Continue reading “Understanding My Insurance, part 2”