The Doctor’s Note: Exercise and Mental Health

The connection between physical activity and mental health has been extensively studied, and several theories have been developed about it. For example, during the aging process, physical exercise might represent a possible treatment for depression and dementia, helping delay the onset of normal aging processes. Continue reading “The Doctor’s Note: Exercise and Mental Health”

The Doctor’s Note: Move it! Move it!

Many of us in the baby boomer generation fondly recall the 1960s sitcom “Gomer Pyle, USMC.” The television series starred Jim Nabors as a Marine trainee named Gomer Pyle and Frank Sutton as his short-fused drill sergeant, Sgt. Carter. As I recall, in nearly every episode, there was a scene with Sgt. Carter yelling “Pyle! Move it! Move it!” at the top of his lungs as Gomer Pyle was bumbling his way through military exercises. Check it out on YouTube; they don’t make comedy like that anymore. Continue reading “The Doctor’s Note: Move it! Move it!”