Surprising facts about the history of pharmacy

You’ll probably be surprised to learn that pharmacists are actually the ones responsible for the creation of several soft drinks, or that many poisonous substances are actually made into helpful medications. The history of the pharmaceutical industry is filled with many surprising facts as BCBSKS staff pharmacist Tiffany Liesmann shares below.

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Tips to prevent pharmacy fraud

Guard against pharmacy fraud with these tips

I like old movies and when a good classic is on, I have been known to stay up well past my bedtime to see the end – even though I have likely seen the end more than once.

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The pharmacist’s recommendation – Your pharmacy matters

I used to fill prescriptions for a family who would literally drive across town to fill their prescriptions at my pharmacy. On their 20-mile round-trip journey, they would drive past five other pharmacies that could have filled their prescriptions. Why would they drive so far out of their way for medications when they could conveniently drive a few blocks? Continue reading “The pharmacist’s recommendation – Your pharmacy matters”