What are specialty drugs

What is special about specialty drugs?

OK, I am going to show my age… Life used to be more simple. That statement is true for many aspects of life, even for the medications you take to treat an illness. Not so many years ago, every medication you needed was available at your local pharmacy. You would visit your doctor about a problem, get a prescription, take that prescription to your local pharmacy and take home your medication. It was very easy. However, we now live in an era of specialty drug products that make this process a bit more complicated. Continue reading “What is special about specialty drugs?”

How to get started with a mail order pharmacy

We live in an amazing time. In today’s world, you can have almost anything delivered right to your front door. Pizza, flowers, shoes, a new outfit, a new phone, furniture, diapers, even your entire grocery list. Everything is becoming more and more convenient. What about your medications? Have you ever thought about having medicine delivered to your home from a mail order pharmacy? Continue reading “How to get started with a mail order pharmacy”