The health of millennials

Nearly 73 million people in the U.S. are millennials – people born between 1981 and 1996. In a recent study, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Index examined the health of the 55 million commercially insured millennials. The BCBS Health Index quantifies more than 200 different health conditions to identify which diseases and conditions most affect Americans’ longevity and quality of life. It’s powered by … Continue reading The health of millennials

What do I need to know about lowering my cholesterol

The Doctor’s Note: Cholesterol: know your number, know your risk

Did you know elevated cholesterol contributes to nearly half a million heart attacks annually? That is a staggering number. For most of us, heart attacks and stroke can be prevented and our overall quality of life improved and lengthened with a balance of diet, exercise and treatments. Prevention starts with knowing your number and your risk. Continue reading “The Doctor’s Note: Cholesterol: know your number, know your risk”