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{Infographic} Can I enroll in new health insurance?

Enrolling in a health insurance plan is something you do every year. Some people enroll through their employer and others may shop for individual plans online. The period of time during which people are able to sign up for health insurance coverage or change their coverage status is called open enrollment. This period of time only happens once a year, unless an individual experiences a qualifying event, which is the subject of today’s post. Continue reading → {Infographic} Can I enroll in new health insurance?

how to use health insurance in emergency

Understanding My Insurance, part 4

Previously, we discussed some basics on understanding your coverage. Today we’ll outline some considerations in case you need to use your insurance for emergency care.

You already know the number to dial in an emergency (9-1-1), but there are a few other things you should familiarize yourself with in regards to your health insurance coverage. Consider the following if you are thinking about a trip to the emergency room: Continue reading → Understanding My Insurance, part 4

two senior ladies working out with dumbells

National Senior Health & Fitness Day

Today is National Senior Health & Fitness Day! Our very own Michelle Shima of BCBSKS corporate health services explains why staying active as you age is important to your health.

“Exercise is important for any age, but especially for seniors. As people age, their lifestyles can sometimes become more sedentary. Exercise can not only boost heart health, but also strengthen muscles. Strong bones and muscles are associated with a reduction in falls. Other benefits from exercise include improved mental capacity, disease prevention and improved overall healing,” she said.

For some easy senior fitness exercises, check out the moves below. Continue reading → National Senior Health & Fitness Day

sweet dreams sleeping sheep

There’s a nap for that

You’ve heard it before – in order to feel well-rested in the morning, you should try to get approximately eight hours of sleep. With busy evening schedules and TV shows to catch up on, it’s no wonder we may fall short of that recommendation.

May is Better Sleep Month, so we’re sharing some apps that may help you get the sleep you want. You already use your smartphone for practically everything else, so why not put it to work at bedtime? Continue reading → There’s a nap for that