{Video} BCBSKS employees compare veggie burgers to beef burgers

Plant-based burgers have risen in popularity for people looking to eliminate meat from their diet. They’re often advertised as a better-for-you burger due to their low cholesterol and high protein content, but can they really be compared to the taste of a beef burger? We asked employees to try both and let us know. Continue reading → {Video} BCBSKS employees compare veggie burgers to beef burgers

BCBSKS employees try a healthier sugar cookie

{Video} We tried healthier sugar cookies

With the holiday season in full swing, we know it’s almost impossible to avoid cookies, cakes and other baked goods. While you should enjoy those in moderation, there are other ways to enjoy a sweet treat without feeling like you’ve been tackled by the sugar plum fairy. Consider swapping out some ingredients in your favorite recipe for healthier ones. Continue reading → {Video} We tried healthier sugar cookies