Chamber Blue of Kansas provides a step forward in pursuit of affordable coverage

Providing health insurance can be a struggle for small business owners because of the unpredictable cost, but with 88%* of employers viewing health insurance as the most valued benefit to employees, it’s crucial for talent recruitment and retention. Last year, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas and the Chamber of Commerce Executives of Kansas (CCEKS), partnered to launch the Chamber Blue of Kansas to help small business owners in their pursuit of affordable health coverage. Chamber Blue is an association health plan (AHP), that works with chambers across Kansas to provide small businesses access to health insurance savings typically associated with large group medical coverage. How it works:

  • Employers band together to purchase insurance.
  • This allows for more people in the pool.
  • The more people included, the more options, and potentially lower cost.

The Chamber Blue is available to employers who have acceptable risk and are active members in good standing with their local, participating chamber. In addition, they must have 50 or fewer full-time equivalent employees. Not only does Chamber Blue help small businesses, but it could also benefit communities as well. More affordable health insurance could create opportunities for businesses to be attractive to those looking for employment.

“The Chamber Blue of Kansas health insurance plan through our local Chamber is critical for us,” said Tami Cortez, Cortez Transportation. “As we expand our business and hire more staff, offering affordable health insurance helps us recruit and retain employees. Chamber Blue is a valuable benefit for us and for small businesses across the state.”

Interested in joining the Chamber Blue health plan? Here’s what you need to know:

Go to and complete the form on the website. A Blue Cross rep will reach out to you to answer any questions you have. If you want to pursue coverage, they will direct you to an interest survey to complete.


  • July 1 – Aug. 18, 2023: Interest survey (Interested groups must complete the interest survey to be eligible to enroll. Survey information determines rates.)
  • Oct. 2023: Rates will be announced
  • Nov. 2023: Enrollment begins with the support of BCBSKS

  • Jan. 2024: Coverage starts

Chamber Blue is a step forward in the pursuit of affordable coverage for small businesses. We are proud to be the insurer Kansans trust with their health. Learn more about Chamber Blue of Kansas .

* The Society for HR Management Annual Benefits Survey, The Business Journals: Sept  2022.

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