Managing Changes in the Workplace- Using short-term disability coverage for COVID-19

Disability insurance can ease the burden for you and your employees with income replacement and peace of mind so if the unexpected happens, they can focus on getting better and back to work.

With these uncertain times, when does short-term disability coverage apply? Who can use it?

If you offer short-term disability insurance coverage to your employees, they may be protected from a situation where COVID-19 leaves them unable to work. However, employees can only claim disability benefits if a doctor or other medical professional verifies they are unable to work. 

Social quarantines, like when a state mandates people work from home, do not qualify for disability benefits. Disability insurance also won’t cover employees who have lost their job or income. Those individuals may qualify for unemployment benefits.

Do you offer Advance Insurance Company of Kansas (AICK) short-term disability coverage?

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas (BCBSKS), AICK offers a variety of life and disability insurance plans for individuals, families and businesses.

If you offer AICK short-term disability coverage to your employees, we have the experts and resources to help manage that benefit.

To use their benefit, insured employees must be under the regular care of a physician and have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or have been ordered to be quarantined based on symptoms or exposure.

Self-quarantine without a medical consultation will not be covered.  

Interested in offering short-term disability coverage to your employees?

With business disruption and changes in the workplace, you may be looking at your existing benefits packages for support.

If you’re interested in learning more and providing short-term disability coverage for your employees, click for more information. To help navigate what solution is right for you, contact a BCBSKS sales representative. They have the tools, resources and knowledge to help you continue to put your employees first.

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